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Social Network Website Development

These days the entire internet has become social. Social relationship has gone online with the likes of Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Friendster etc. People have resorted to sites like LinkedIn, Xing for maintaining their professional contacts. For the success of any online business companies are making their presence in social network and run their social networks in their niche. Social networks provide a platform for users to communicate with other users, share their photos,videos,activities,likes, get answers to their questions or use it for networking. A social network service provider can leverage the profit of huge amount of personal information that these users share on social networks and a large community of loyal user base.

At WebAppNiche, we can help you in developing a custom social network according to your requirements. We are expert in development of custom social networks using these softwares :-

  • Elgg
  • Dolphin
  • SocialEngine
  • JomSocial
  • Community Builder
  • Drupal

All basic social networking features like :-

  • Public or private profile
  • Friendship and connections
  • Activity and likes
  • Photo sharing
  • Video upload and streaming
  • Articles, Blogs
  • Forums and groups
  • Questions and Answers
are included in every social network that we develop. We also have the expertize of developing a social network from the scratch if the client requirement is very unique. Check out ProCricketManager, a social network for fantasy Cricket management that our team developed in CakePHP. tell us about your niche and we will conceptualize a custom social network to cater to your needs.
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