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CakePHP Development

Ever since Ruby on Rails became a popular web-based framework, teams of developers have been creating clones of Rails or Rails-like frameworks for various languages: TurboGears for Python; Zend, Symfony, and many others for PHP; Catalyst for Perl; and on and on. With so many options out there, why choose CakePHP for your web project? The answer is it's PHP!

PHP, as we all know is one of the more widely supported web programming languages and is standard with most web services providers, so why give that up for Ruby? For companies, switching to another language can require reallocating resources, changing web service providers, or reworking an expensive server configuration. Whatever the case, leaving PHP for another development framework can be costly and time-consuming.

One of the difficulties in using some PHP frameworks has been their compatibility with PHP 4 and 5. Symfony, for example, requires PHP 5 and is not backward compatible with PHP 4. Cake, on the other hand, is compatible with both versions of PHP. Getting a web project off the ground can be cumbersome and technically demanding, especially when using older methods of development. Cake, however, makes the initial steps of building a web application easy. Rather than run installation scripts from the command line, Cake comes prepackaged as a folder you simply drop onto a server and is ready to run.

Once a project is fleshed out and launched, site maintenance is also improved thanks to Cake. Because of its hierarchy and organization, as well as its effectiveness at limiting redundancy, Cake helps developers adjust a web application on the fly. Cake also supports test databases and URL routes for testing new features or versions of web applications on the live setup.

Should you need help down the road, a massive online community exists to provide it. In reality, the PHP community is the largest open source programming group on the Web, so if you need a quick workaround for a problem in Cake, someone somewhere will havs e some help for you, usually within minutes. Cake specialists have also established online forums, chat rooms, and blogs to help others improve and learn the framework. Compared to other PHP frameworks, this community is one of the largest on the Web.

So if you are looking to get a website portal developed in quick time and want to take advantage of large PHP community, CakePHP is the answer and we can help you in development work. Check out ProCricketManager, our partner website which is built on CakePHP to get a feel about our cakePHP expertize.

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